Close Date: Position is posted by the HR representative and promoted by the Galleries Director in his classes on the 1st day of class for two consecuative weeks with a close date of Monday on the 3rd week of school. First offer is made to the current head of TAG (The Art Grads), with the second offer being made to the TAG co-director, secretaty and so on. A graduate student is prefered for this independent contract position.

How many students are you looking to hire: 1 

Job Description: The GSS liaison's job is to act as host for set up and break down of events at Grant Street Studios including Visting Artists Lectures, Rental Events, and to schedule the Crit Space. They should assist George in the duties and mantiance of GSS including studio mantiance, shop mantiance and promoting Grant Street Studios as an exhibition and rental faciltiy.

Essential Duties: The GSS liaison is reseponsible for receiving, storing and alerting the parties to whom the package is addressed as well as fielding rental and event inquiries, coordinating the critique space sign up, checking out equiptment for artists talks, group critiques and special events, etc. Beyond coordianting receiving they should be able to 1) Coordinate the crit space sign up (keep calendar with all events classes/reservation, keep the crit room clean, sanded and painted), 2) Conduct workshops on equipment in common shop space for new grads (with George as needed), 3) Checkout/in equipment 4) Check paper/printers in computer lounge, 5) Help orient new students and report up (to Joanne/George, etc) any issues, 5) Maintain signage (throughout space, studio bios, print lab instructions, crit space), 6) Monitor First aid kits and restock when appropriate, 7) Laise with outside entities/rentals/co-sponsored events, 8) Contact people who have initiated interest and follow-up with meetings, 8) Confirm with Jennifer all rental agreements with outside entities/rentals/co-sponsored events, 9) Generate staffing pool for events (paid) among grads at Grant St. (paperwork through Jennifer) and 10) Coordinate with gallery directors and Jennifer on availability/scheduling confirmation costs/parameters, etc (community liaison). Other duties occasional include coordinating safety training w/ASU Police, setting up/tear down meeting spaces for events, and cleaning the outdoor paint booth/cage.

Desired Qualifications: The GSS Liaison and coordinator must have a phone and make themselves avialibl during delivery times, they must be able to lift 50 lbs, stand for extended periods of time, carry, roll or otherwise safely transport and set up tehcnical equipment such as projectors, computers, speakers, mic, recording camera, etc. They must also be able to keep impecable records, work with the business manager, facilties manager and department head as well as outside parties to represent GSS in a professional manner. They must also be able to paint the Crit Room, co-ordinate it's usage, and keep it looking professional and clean on rental days and for special events. They should also post pics of events, notifications about upcoming speakers, and take promotional images for GSS on Facebook:​

Working Environment: The GSS Liaison and Event Co-ordiantor works at Grant Street Studios in Phoenix maintaining the facilities manager's supply closet, the supply cage in the Gallery Directors office and other facilties throughout Grant Street making sure equiptment and supplies are maintianed in an orderly and safe manner. They are a key embassador for the School of Art both on-line and in-person, so they must be familiar with how to maintian both a powerful presence on-line as well as making sure GSS is always clean, inviting and well equipt for our guests. The supply closet and tool cage are to be well organized and the facilities are to be be properly maintiained so that we always have the necessary supplies for our priviledged guests at GSS. 



GSS Liaison and Event Co-ordinator Protocol for GSS Rentals.


Main Duties

  • Respond to Inquiry
  • Direct to website or send up-to-date rate sheet and contact GSS Liaison and/or George.
  • GSS Liaison or George to set-up appt. to see space, discuss needs-access crit space, Northlight and Step Gallery schedules to see not other conflict on desired dates with another event/class and exhibition schedule to say what type of work will be shown.
  • GSS Liaison or Geroge writes up outline of what is requested and date/s requeste -sends to outside entity for confirmation
  • Receive confirmation message – PENCIL IN (color red) block on calendar for spaces
  • GSS Liaison or George send this message to Jennifer and the Director
  • Jennifer and Director to meet to approve/send estimate of costs and contracts
  • Costs agreed (50% paid upfront) and contract signed
  • CONFIRM (color change to green) on calendar
  • GSS Liaison or George arrange cleaning + assign personnel to work event
  • Event happens
  • Remainder of bill invoiced



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