Job Description: Senoir Projects Photographer's primary job is documenting individual works from ART 482 for each student. The Senior Projects Photographer will also coordinate the activities of the SoA Photographer and Social Media Liaison and the Galleries Photographer and Archivist to make sure the quality of images, promotional campaings and timeliness on deadlines is maintianed. The Senior Projects Photgrapher will sometimes be required to go to Step Gallery to to coordiante gallery operations.

Essential Duties: The Senior Projects Photographer must be able to take professional quality images of installated artwork. They should be proficient in photo edited programs like lightbox, photoshop, etc. They will attend only a few classes of ART 482 in order to make appointments with students, give a phot editing deomstration, and show the students where the photo studio is located. This will be done on the first day of class, with the photo demonstration being done later in the term. Each week the Senior Projects Photographer will confer with the Galleries Photographer and Archivist to make sure shows are being documented at Harry Gallery on Tuesday mornings before openings and at Step Gallery on Friday mornings during the first week of the show. All photos should be shot and edited in 2 weeks and posted to the archive on dropbox and facebook set up by the ASU Galleries Photgrapher and Archivist and the School of Art Photgrapher and Social Media Liason. Senior Projects Photographer will also confer with the School of Art Galleries Photographer and Social Media Liason to make sure openings are all documented, including Gallery 100, and that high quality video and photography is being posted to our social media sources on time under the direction of Adria in the front office. The ASU Galleries Photographer and Social Media Liason should post an "album" on Facebook with show title (and artist name if it is a solo show), within a week of the opening, two weeks at the latest!!! The Galleries Photographer and Archivist should then complete the album on the last day of every show by posting the documentation of works in the show. All dates and times of exhibitions are posted here: NO EXHIBITION SHOULD GO UNDOCUMENTED OR UNPROMOTED!!!

Desired Qualifications: The Senior Projects Photographer should have the utmost professionalism in dealing with students and a descerning eye when it comes to maintaining the quality and visions of School of Art documentation. They must be able to manage and motivate the photography team, including participating in training, advising, and maintianing quality control, as all of the work produced by the photography team is used to represent the School of Art. They must exercise the vision of an art director who values quality over quantity, who knows how to get the shots needed for promotion or overshot events.  

Working Environment: The main working environment of the Senior Projects Photographer is the Photography office where they have thier appointments to photograph works, have team meetings and edit images. They must be able to stand for long periods of time, schedule and keep appointments, and will sometimes be required to go between campuses to coordiante gallery operations at Step Gallery. They must also be able to alert the Galleries Director to any malfunctioning equiptment that is in need of repair or any budgetary concerns associated with the photography team. They are responsible for checking out and checking in equiptment to the photography team. 

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