Phoenix City Arts Council



Phoenix City Arts Council is a key partner in GSS in helping to promote the arts in downtown Phowenix including everything from open calls for work, grants, working on traffic and zoning laws in the warehouse district and any number of GSS related issues that might involve city planning and promotion.






Blurb #1

"The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985, works to foster a sense of cultural identity, celebrate diversity and ensure an outstanding quality of community life." - Arizona Commision on the Arts


Blurb #2

"​​The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture's Grants Program supports organizations that have as their primary purpose and function, the creation, performance, and exhibition of arts or cultural programs. " - Phoenix office of Arts and Culture


Blurb #3

"The Office of Arts and Culture in Phoenix, Arizona, was established to create a more beautiful and vibrant city, and in 1986 set up a Public Art Program to allocate one percent of the city's Capital Improvement Program to public art. More than 145 major art projects have been completed through the program, with 65 in various stages of implementation." - National Endowment for the Arts






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