Curatorial Initiatives

__________________________________________________________________There are any number of curatorial initiatives taken on by faculty, clubs, students, and the Galleries Directors that help to promote cross-disciplinary interactions, thematic investivations, contemporary topics, travel experiences and much more. Some of these events are annual, bi-annual or simply one-time co-laborations. Some of annual curatorial intiatives include the New Grad Show, the Juried Winter BFA, the Summer MFA juried, the Nathan Cummings Travel Grant Exhibition/Award, the Book Club show thrown by ABBA (A Buncha Book Artists) / Pyracantha Press, Open Studios at GSS / Art Detour, the Ceramics Tour, Night of the Open Door, ASU Artfest, and many of our clubs who either exhibit or participate in the Tempe Festival of the Arts and the Phoenix Festival of the Arts.


Some of our Bi-annual curatorial intiatives include the Map(ing) Project (printmaking initative that fosters Mentor/student interactions), Mobile Studio: Contemporary Art Now! (a biennual travel project to the Venice Biennual/Documenta), Sculpting Science (a collaboration between Fine Art and the Science Department), Fiber Arts Network exhibitions, the Society of Photographic Educators (SPE) exhibitions, collaborations with the Insitute for Research and Humanities (IRH), and exchange shows like SDSU/ASU or China/ASU: Inverse Conversations.  New intiatives can be started any term by faculty, clubs, students, etc., just by submitting show proposal to the Galleries Director each semester. All proposals are reviewed by the gallery committee and voted on at the end of each term for a position in programing the following year.     


                                             26 Curatorial Initiatives


Annual School Initiatives                                       Teacher & Club Initatives

ASU Alumni Exhibitions 

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