The Night of the Open Door



The night of the Open door is co-ordinated by a faculty member as part of thier "service" but it is also a night we try to have the galleries on the Tempe Campus open, if possible.

The annual Night of the Open Door, is usually scheduled for late February from 3-9 pm, and is always looking for student and faculty volunteers to host workshops to engage the young people visiting the SOA.  

The deadline is typically early December. That is when we need workshop ideas/locations/times in order to compile them for inclusion on the website and the "passport routes".

Please talk to your student clubs about ArtFest participation. There is a new theme each year and it's great if the activities suggested can reflect the overall theme.







Blurb #1

"What happens every day at the most innovative university in the nation? This is your chance to experience Arizona State University first hand! ASU opens its doors during ASU Night of the Open Door and children of all ages can let their imagination run wild." - ASU


Blurb #2

"Every year ASU invites the local community to visit any of the five campus locations, allowing visitors to explore the innovative spaces accessible only to ASU students. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of interactive activities and talk to students, faculty and staff. Thrill seekers, lifelong learners, science gurus, arts enthusiasts and adventure seekers can explore laboratories, living collections, museums and classrooms and participate in hands-on activities." - ASU


Blurb #3

"Show your kids fun side of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  Get a behind-the-scenes look into the spaces that house most innovative projects at ASU, including the Biodesign Institute, ASU Super Computer, Mars Space Flight Facility, ASU Marston Exploratory Theater and more." - Temps Tourism


Blurb #4

"Discover the creative energy that powers a world-class university. Teenagers, children, parents, neighbors and entrepreneurs can come into our laboratories, living collections, museums, and participate in artistic performances, talks and hands-on activities." - ACMRS


Blurb #5

"Spearheaded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, with partners - the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the Biodesign Institute - there is something for everyone. So whether you are a kid or a kid-at-heart, a prospective or current student, K-12 educator, life-long learner, alumnus, a Sparky fan, entrepreneur or curious how to build your very own “Birthquake,” this is the one evening a year where you can step in and discover what inspires our faculty and staff, artistic, educational and research partners and puts our students in the driver's seat for some of the most innovative solutions and inspiring discoveries in the world." --- ACMRS News


Blurb #6

Arizona State University (ASU) once again hosts its signature community event, ASU NIGHT OF THE OPEN DOOR, a night when the entire community is invited to see and experience the creative energy that powers a world-class university, with hundreds of interactive activities and student, faculty and staff volunteers.  Visitors can explore laboratories, living collections and museums on all five of ASU’s campuses, as well as experience artistic performances, hands-on activities and spaces normally closed to public view. Learn just what is going on behind all those walls, buildings and ASU campuses throughout the Valley." --- AZ Sci-Tech


Blurb #7

"This one night might inspire a new direction in a person’s life, can make a change in that one life or possibly many lives, especially when children, who are the future, are excited about science and the arts." - AZ tech





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