About the Award:

The Nathan Cummings Graduate Summer Travel Award was established by the Nathan Cummings Foundation to give talented visual artists in the ASU School of Art the experience of the Grand Tour, a tradition in the education of the whole person. For the visual artist, this experience is considered a necessity, and the role it plays in the life of a young artist is well documented in modern history.

This application exhibition showcases the artwork of those students who apply from various disciplines and also includes a statement of intent. Artists are meant to create proposals for summer travel to further their artistic visions and expand their worldview in relation to their particular craft and specific concentration. After a review of the work and proposals, ASU faculty members choose who will be awarded travel grants for this summer to their proposed locations.


·       In order to be eligible, you must be a regular status MFA candidate who has successfully completed her or his 15-hour review, and have at least one more semester remaining in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art.

·       If you are an eligible candidate, you may submit one work.


·       A completed application form must be submitted to the Galleries director by Friday, March 16th at 4:00pm. Any applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted online to the Galleries director at with the headline NATHAN CUMMINGS AWARD APPLICATION clearly posted in the title block. 

·       JPGs or drawings of the work entered may be emailed if you feel the samples will aid installation. Otherwise specific installation requirements should be included in the application. Slides or printed photographs are not required.

Basic Format of the Submission 

1.     TITLE: Nathan Cummings Graduate Summer Travel Award Proposal

2.     ARTIST INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORK EXHIBITED: First name, last name, title of the work, date, medium, size. 

3.     TITLE OF THE PROPOSAL: Written in Italics

4.     GOAL OF THE PROPOSAL: A few paragraphs outlining the proposal in full, how it could further your art practice and why it is an important project for you to undertake at this moment your artistic/academic career.

5.     PROPOSAL DESITNATION(S) AND WHAT YOU PROPOSAL TO DO WHILE YOU ARE THERE: There can be more than one destination and multiple reasons for attending.

6.     CONCLUSION: What you will have gained or hope to bring back from the experience.

7.     END: Thank you to the committee and voting community for their time and consideration, plus a signature. 

8.     Proposal should be no longer than 1 page. THEY SHOULD BE RPINTED OUT ON CARDSTAOCK or heavy weight paper, 12 point type, 1.5 line spacing and delivered to the gallery with the work.



Drop Off and Installation

·       Remember to fill out your loan forms:

·       Deliver your piece, complete and with all necessary cords, hanging apparatus, etc., to HARRY WOOD GALLERY on TEMPE CAMPUS on Friday, March 16th, at 4pm along with a completed loan agreement (see above). Make sure to include hanging detailed hanging instructions:

·       Plan to be available to stay and ASSIST in the install of your work unless you are happy with the gallery class installing the work. The gallery class will decide the layout, and install will commence once the layout is complete. If you want to add any input into the layout, you must put in your suggestions at this time. The installation will be completed on Sunday evening. You will not be allowed to work on your installation after that.

·       The space limitations of HARRY WOOD GALLERY dictate the size of works exhibited. You should be aware that in the case of space problems, the largest pieces or installations would most likely be the first turned away. There are many people who may be eligible to show. I plan on being able to exhibit all the work, but I have to include this disclaimer, just in case. 

​Pick Up Times

·       The exhibition will open the Monday, March 19th and closes Saturday, March 30th, at 3 p.m. Work should be picked up at 3p.m and not before. If you are unable to pick up the work, you can have a representative come in your place. 

·       You cannot pick up the work early. This is very important. It looks very unprofessional if there is a big empty space in the gallery where your piece used to be and if t may affect voting.

​Opening Reception

·       There will be an opening reception on Tuesday, March 20th, from 6-8 p.m. You are invited to attend and bring friends. ​

Announcement of the Winner

·       The awards announcement details are still being determined. They will probably be announced on Monday, March 30th between 4pm and 5pm.

Helpful Tips

·       Encourage all of your professors to vote!

·       The statement should be AT MOST one page. 

·       Make sure to review past winning proposals here:​


Additional ASU Travel Grants

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